Spears of ICAR Seed Project (Crops)

Under the umbrella of National Seed Project (Crops), there are four major seed schemes at operation in the University level viz., University Seed Project (USP), Mega Seed Project (MSP), Breeder Seed Project (BSP), and Seed Technology Research (STR) and Annual Oilseeds Scheme (AOS) (Plate 1). The USP is fully funded by the University; however the MSP, BSP and STR Units are being funded by both ICAR (75%) and State Government (25%). After implementation of Mega Seed Project and Central Sector Scheme; Seed Village has geared the University in organizing quality seed production on large scale since 2006-07 on ‘Seed Village Concept’ by involving Scientists under ‘Scientist-Farmer Participatory Program’ (SFPP). Besides, the National Seed Project is also involved in HRD Programs by conducting training programs to seed producers (farmers) / personnel involved in seed industry on various aspects of seed production, seed testing, seed storage etc., on different seed crops to augment the productivity by using quality seeds. The HRD programs are mainly organized to train and motivate the farmers to take up seed production in their own field with latest seed production techniques. Further, organizing field days and demonstrations to large group of farmers in the entire village and nearby villages are also being held regularly by the UAS, Bengaluru, to showcase the technology as well as to popularize the new varieties / hybrids released by the University.