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From VC Desk

Sustained increase in agriculture production and productivity is dependent, to a large extent, on the development of new and improved varieties of crops and an efficient system for timely supply of quality seeds to farmers. The university is having a good infrastructure and strong seed system in most of the research stations for production of quality seeds. In this direction, university is organizing seed production of breeder seed, foundation seed, certified and truthfully label seeds of different crop varieties and distribution not only to the farming community but also to other indenters of basic seeds for further multiplication to ensure seed security which is a prerequisite for food security.

From DR Desk

Quality seeds act as a catalyst for realizing the potential of all other inputs without which the investments on other inputs such as fertilizers, irrigation, and pesticides will not pay desired dividends to the farmers as well as to the country. The quantum of use of seeds varies from state to state and depends on the development of seed industry, literacy of farmers, awareness of farmers about the economic benefits of the use of improved quality seeds, and the role of extension workers.